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With over 63000 residents, Brentwood is home to many wealthy individuals and celebrities. It has a suburban ambience and it is located in the western part of Los Angeles. The landscape is well designed with greenery and the majority of its commercial buildings can be found at Sunset Boulevard, San Vincente Boulevard, and Wilshire Boulevard.

Among the many attractions of this city are the Brentwood Civic Center, East Contra Costa Historical Society and Musuem, Sacramento –San Joaquin River Delta, Vasco Caves Regional Preserve, and more. Brentwood is also famous for its agricultural products especially peaches, cherries, and corn. Thanks to its love for agriculture and arts, you can partake in the yearly Art, Wine, and Jazz Festival held in the city.

Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean contributes to the temperate climate and marine Brentwood is known for. Also, when it comes to privacy, this is one of the cities in Los Angeles that can provide the needed seclusion you are looking for.

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